Voice Over Artist Hire

Let One Of The Most Sought After Voice Over Talents On The Internet Show You How To Use The Power Of Audio To Explode Your Conversions

In the ever changing and highly competitive field of marketing, you as a business owner must rise above the clamor, hype and din and offer quality and convenience to your clients in order to be successful. Just as in the days of open street markets, you need your voice to be heard above the others. You understand that your voice needs to be represented and broadcast by a skilled, talented and affordable voice over artist.

You have invested a lot of time and hard work into your business and website, now bring it to life. Use the power of voice overs to instill human emotion and passion into your projects. Let the pages speak directly to your customer. Use a real human voice to paint mental pictures and bring back past experiences to shape the emotions of your customer.

Save your clients time, effort and money

Save your clients valuable time and increase your profits by adding audio to your content. Your customers will appreciate the freedom you offer them by supplying your content in an IPod-friendly audio format. They can listen to you while they workout, commute, or chill-out in the Lazy Boy. You can generate more income through increased sales conversions and by raising prices for providing increased value.

Connect with your clients on a much deeper level and leave your competition standing

Your words will have twice the impact when brought to life through the power of a real human voice rather than a robotic computer generated voice. Synthetic text to speech voice production cannot mimic human emotions or the call to action they invoke. Your clients will relate to your personal touch and by the feeling of human connection will remember your message. They will be drawn to your business as if a close trusted friend had recommended it to them. This is human nature.

I am so blown away by the level of professionalism and emotion that Ms.Terra includes in her audios and voice overs, I decided to hire her as the official ‘Voice of: I Have This Little Garden’, a breast cancer support, information and awareness site…

Mark Thurston


Can you remain competitive in this fast paced age we live in and offer the choice of freedom to your clients without using voice over services? Of course not.

It is time to introduce you to Terra Kern, the most effective voice over talent on the Internet!

I convert the content you invested many valuable hours in producing or good money in hiring someone else to create for you, into a sweet sounding symphony in your customers ears. This along with the visual pleasure that you have already provided for their eyes gives them a perfectly orchestrated combination!

My services include:

  • mission statements
  • welcome messages
  • short stories
  • audio articles
  • email messages
  • sales pages
  • product introductions
  • instruction manuals
  • e-books
  • video narrations
  • guided imagery narration
  • phone prompts
  • on hold messages
  • special projects
  • professional ghostwriting services

Although there are many other options you may choose for your voice over services, there is only one Terra Kern, voice over extraordinaire!

If you are in need of real spicy audio which will hook your listener until the end, then there is only one person you need…Terra!!

Claire Galea


My experience in this industry is second to none

And the success you can achieve with my services is limited only by your own imagination.

  • I have won awards for most versatile actress and best editorial broadcast
  • I have professional training along with acting, public speaking and broadcasting experience
  • I have taught drama and interpretive reading to children in the public school system
  • I participated in the capacity of director, choreographer and script writer in addition to performing mime, interpretive dance and acting in skits and plays within the church
  • I have used my interpretive reading and acting skills in teaching children with special needs in the public school system enabling them to advance in their learning levels
  • I am the voice of a breast cancer support website, commissioned for all of the voice over audio articles
  • My voice has been described as angelic, soothing, silky smooth, melodic, friendly, inviting, calming, hypnotic, having top notch quality, and as having the wow factor by many of my satisfied clients

I specialize in perfection and have mastered my craft through years of experience in many different settings. I can bring your content to life and deliver comedy, drama, excitement, concern, righteous indignation, or sarcasm. I can invoke exactly the emotion required to take your listeners on an emotional journey to get them right where you want them – with their credit cards out ready to hit the buy now button!

I simply am the professional voice over actress you need to get the job done!

Order your audacious audio voice over today for as low as $35